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Sample Prints & Parameters

Titan Sample Prints

Please click on the model to download the sample prints, which include the stl file, sliced images, and configuration file.

Model Projected width Projected Length XY Resolution Layer Thickness Resin Configuration mode Designer
54mm 96mm 50 micron 250µm MakerJuice G+ Basic George Hart
40 mm 71.1 mm 37 µm 50 µm 3DM ABS Basic Cushwa
40mm 71.1mm 37 micron 35µm 3DM ABS Basic Joshua
40mm 71.1mm 37 micron 100µm MakerJuice G+ Black or Green Basic Bmoshe
40mm 71.1mm 37 micron 15µm 3DM-Cast Basic Mariblueruby