Titan 2 HR DLP 3D Printer


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– 1 Titan 2 HR 3D Printer with Green Cover
– 2 PSP resin containers
– 1 small build platform
– 500g UHR Resin
– Kudo3D Print Job Software
– Convenient Kit


Titan 2 HR Spec(XY solution26 ~ 50μm ):

Titan 2 HR Spec(XY solution23 ~ 38μm ):

 Titan 2 HR Features:

  • Stereolithography (SLA) printing technology: Bottom-up SLA configuration
  • Patented passive self-peeling  (PSP) layer separation technology
  • Superior reliability: modularized with heavy duty high quality components
  • Adjustable DLP to optimize printing performance
  • Compatible to SLA photoresins sensitive to 400 to 450 nm light
  • A lot of flexibility to change printing parameters
  • Web based controlling
  • Pre-calibrated at 23μm/26um


  • THK high precision industrial grade linear stage module
  • HD DLP projector with a 2cm native 1920×1080 DMD chip by Texas Instruments
  • Built-in Raspberry Pi, Mega2560 and RAMPS1.4 and snap-fit panels for easy maintenance
  • Wifi enabled
  • Low maintenance

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(110V & 26~50μm) Emerald Titan 2 HR 3D Printer, (220V & 26~50μm) Emerald Titan 2 HR 3D Printer, (110V & 23~38μm) Emerald Titan 2 HR 3D Printer, (220V & 23~38μm) Emerald Titan 2 HR 3D Printer