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Titan 2 / Titan 2 HR

Ultra High Resolution DLP SLA Printer for Medical and Jewelry


Research | Engineering | Jewelry | Dental | Design | Education | Gaming

High Resolution 3D Printer Titan 2_engineering research

Engineering / Research

High Resolution 3D Printer Titan 2_dental

Dental Modeling

High Resolution 3D Printer Titan 2_Jewelry


High Resolution 3D Printer Titan 2_figurines miniatures

Figurines / Miniatures

Titan 2 HR

High Resolution 3D Printer
for Jewelry & Research

  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • SLA DLP Printing Technology
  • US Patented PSP Technology
  • Built-in Raspberry Pi 3
  • Ultra High Resolution: 23-38um / 26-50um

Selected Clients

Kudo3D Titan 1 and Titan 2 Clients

(28μm diameter needle printed at 23μm XY resolution)

Ultra High Resolution 3D Printing

A new innovation sprouts from a single idea. We, at Kudo3D, know how this works. With countless hours of design and experimentation, our SLA DLP high resolution 3D printers have been created with you in mind. We guarantee the reliability and flexibility in the creation of your project. From detailed high resolution jewelry designs to large engineering models, your ideas can be transformed into a reality. Experience the possibilities with Kudo3D’s Titan SLA DLP high resolution 3D printers today!


I’m really pleased with my purchase of the titan 2 dlp 3d printer. Sure, there is a learning curve but Kudo3D staff helped me all the way through it during my first two weeks, flawless customer support ! Great high resolution 3D Printer, high details, very fast and many different resins to choose from for every type of work since you have full control of the printing parameters. I will add that is a plus for me to have an open source 3D printer with most of the parts easily accessible. All in all I’m an happy customer who now print a lot !
We spent a long time investigating the different printing options in the market; FDM, Laser and DLP SLA. Finally, we chose the SLA technology for its great quality and high resolution. After that, TITAN 1 by Kudo3D was the best option for its great adaptability, being Open Source, and low maintenance. The Open Source option was no longer an essential, because the software that comes with the TITAN 1 includes all the necessary settings to adapt to all models, different resins, and is highly configurable. This has been fundamental in our jobs, because every print is a new challenge. The tools provided by the TITAN 1 allow you to print all kinds of high resolution models.
Pasamos mucho tiempo investigando los diferentes tipos de impresión FDM, Láser y DLP SLA. Finalmente nos decidimos por la tecnología SLA por su gran calidad. Tras ésto, escogimos la TITAN1 de Kudo 3D por su gran adaptabilidad y por ser Open Source, aunque esto no es del todo imprescindible ya que el software que incluye tiene todo lo necesario para adaptarse a cada modelo y resina y es muy configurable. Ésto ha sido fundamental ya que ningún modelo es igual y poder establecer parámetros distintos en cada impresión hace que puedas imprimir cualquier pieza.
I love my Kudo3D Titan 1, it allows me to print larger and faster than the other options out there at a resolution that really shows off the detail I put into my work. There’s nothing else I’d rather use to bring my digital creations to life.
Nathan Storm, a digital sculptor
Before using the Titan 1, I used another laser-based SLA desktop 3D printer for rough prototypes. I then spent $800 a month on high-end 3D prints from several different vendors printing on $35,000 machines. The Titan 1 has replaced that other SLA desktop printer and that $35,000 machine. That $800 a month now comes to me and I have enough business that I purchased a second Titan 1. Forgot to mention that the lifetime of the resin container is superior. We are able to print miniatures for over 500 hours per
For the past couple of years we have been using two other desktop DLP 3D printers and before we purchased the Titan 1, print size was limited because of a smaller build envelope. We are replacing our smaller build printers with a second Titan 1 for our projects that require 50 microns XY resolution and sub 50 microns print resolution – all within a larger build envelope. Printing with the Titan 1 has resulted in an overall reduction in our printing costs. With increased print speed, a lower print failure rate, and the need to use fewer supports, we realize a reduction in printing time, material use, file setup and post pressing time. Above all, the resin container has a lifetime that other printers cannot match. Set supports, slice, and press run!