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Titan 2 / Titan 2 HR

Ultra High Resolution DLP SLA Printer for Jewelry and Research


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High resolution affordable LCD SLA printer for everyone

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Research | Engineering | Jewelry | Dental | Design | Education | Gaming

High Resolution 3D Printer Titan 2_engineering research

Engineering / Research

High Resolution 3D Printer Titan 2_figurines miniatures

Figurines / Miniatures

High Resolution 3D Printer Titan 2_dental

Dental Modeling

High Resolution 3D Printer Titan 2_Jewelry


Titan 2 HR

High Resolution 3D Printer
for Jewelry & Research

  • Wi-Fi Enabled
  • SLA DLP Printing Technology
  • US Patented PSP Technology
  • Built-in Raspberry Pi 3
  • Ultra High Resolution: 23-38um / 26-50um

Selected Clients

Kudo3D Titan 1 and Titan 2 Clients

(28μm diameter needle printed at 23μm XY resolution)

Ultra High Resolution 3D Printing

A new innovation sprouts from a single idea. We, at Kudo3D, know how this works. With countless hours of design and experimentation, our SLA DLP high resolution 3D printers have been created with you in mind. We guarantee the reliability and flexibility in the creation of your project. From detailed high resolution jewelry designs to large engineering models, your ideas can be transformed into a reality. Experience the possibilities with Kudo3D’s Titan SLA DLP high resolution 3D printers today!