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Bean 3D Printer

The Ultimate Consumer SLA 3D Printer

High resolution affordable LCD SLA printer for everyone

Funded $884,000       Now on Indiegogo!



  • Desktop LCD SLA 3D printer:
    Use a LCD panel to project slices of the 3D file onto the resin container.
  • PSP-D Technology:
    New version of Titan 2’s PSP (passive self-peeling) Technology. Only Teflon film needs to be replaced.
  • Pre-calibrated with a spring loaded self-leveling build platform
  • High resolution 2K LCD panel coupled with a purple 405nm LED lamp
  • Average power consumption: 50W
  • Web Based software can control and monitor by mobile devices
  • Special formulated 3DSR resins


  • Machine Size: 8 in x 8 in x 16 in (20 cm x 20 cm x 40 cm)
  • Weight: 15 pounds (6.67 Kg)

Printing Features:

  • XY resolution: 50μm
  • Z resolution: 10μm
  • Maximum Build Size: 2.7 in x 4.7 in (12.1 cm x 6.8 cm) x 5.9 in (15 cm) height
  • Printing speed: 1 ~ 2 cm per hour at a layer thickness of 50 microns

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