Project Description

3D Casted Ring (L’AZURDE Ring)

Printing Date: 2014/10/16

Build time: 2.5 hr
Size (WxDxH):
0.86 x 0.85 x 1.1 in / 21.8 x 21.6 x 28 mm
XY resolution: 37μm
Z resolution: 35μm
Material Volume: 0.51 ml

L’AZURDE Ring is designed by Mohamed Reyad.

After several months of extensive testing, we have finally selected a castable resin! We will be selling 3D Materials’ 3DM-Cast castable resin. 3DM-Cast is designed for high-resolution printing and direct investment casting. This resin has shown us excellent results during both the printing and casting processes. It can support extremely high resolutions between 26 and 37 microns XY resolution. Some of our casters have compared this resin with EnvisionTEC’s castable resins.

With its high curing speed and excellent surface finish, 3DM-Cast provides excellent burnout properties with extremely low thermal expansion. 3DM-Cast safeguards very fine details and produces accurate master patterns for the vacuum lost wax casting process.

* 3DM-Cast Resin