• 3d print casted ring by kudo3d Titan 1

Many years ago, I discovered jewelry casting and design. Initially, I loved the freedom it gave me; I was able to create meaningful, custom pieces to add to my collection. One of my favorite creations is a band which features intertwined hearts that I casted using my parents’ original wedding bands. Every time I wear the ring, I am reminded of my parents’ beautiful relationship and how their love shaped me into the person who I am today.

Sadly, I eventually strayed from the world of jewelry casting because as my pieces’ level of complexity evolved and my level of finger dexterity waned, using the traditional molding techniques could no longer achieve the level of detail I desired. I couldn’t translate my ideas into the wax. I looked into purchasing a 3D printer because I knew that the technology could aid me in achieving the desired level of perfectionism I so desperately wanted. Unfortunately, the printers were either far out of my price range or they did not possess the capabilities I needed. Out of frustration, I abandoned the endeavor completely, missing it the entire time.

Now, years later, I have finally found a 3D printer that will enable me to return to the jewelry-casting world: the Titan 1. Using software, I can design pieces just as I envision them without using the tedious, imperfect hand crafting techniques.

Kudo3D, thank you for developing a 3D printer, which is ideal for both my hobby and my wallet. With the Titan 1, I might even be able to turn my hobby into a business! My imagination can finally be unbridled.

Ref. More casted Rings on the Gallery.


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Ref. 주조된 반지 갤러리.


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