Titan 1 – the Fastest, Tallest Print, Highest Resolution Personal SLA 3D Printer – Successful Kickstarter Campaign and Future Plans

After 16 months of development, Kudo3D is proud to announce the launch of Titan 1, a DLP SLA 3D desktop printer, which represents a major breakthrough in printing speed, size, and resolution. The launch, which took place at 8:30am PST, was met with a great deal of enthusiasm, reaching its funding goal of $50,000 within 2 minutes. In 12 minutes, they had received $100,000 in pledges. Within 10 hours, that had more than doubled. Their Kickstarter campaign ended on June 26th and they managed to raise an impressive $687,116 to begin setting up production for the Titan 1.

The Titan 1 was well received due to its unique position in the market. Personal 3D printing has been limited by slow printing speeds, small sizes, surface smoothness and constraints on the resolution of the finished product. The industry, which did not exist just a few years ago, has already shown its great potential; Fabricators and designers alike currently use 3D printing for a variety of products and functions. However, industry growth has been limited due to the sheer cost of acquiring and maintaining the existing 3D printing systems.

Kudo3D’s innovation addresses all these problems by incorporating a unique technology on a modularized system. “In order to differentiate our product from the other 3D printers on the market, we had to invest in some practical as well as technological innovations,” Tedd Syao, Ph.D., founder, explained. To address cost concerns, as well as reliability, Syao also took a page from the book of Henry Ford. “It was crazy to me that all of these expensive systems were being built without modularized components.” Key components of Titan 1 include a HD 1080p DLP projector, an industrial grade linear stage module, open-source controlling circuits, a stepping motor, a fast leveling build platform, and Kudo3D’s patent-pending flexible passive self-peeling (PSP) resin container.

The printer can accommodate projects up to 9½ inches in height, making it the most accommodating unit on the personal SLA 3D printing market. Beyond the impressive size of the print envelope, Titan 1 uses a patent-pending technology to permit a level of detail unavailable on most 3D printing systems while still maintaining the flexibility to print large objects. The flexible PSP resin container comprised of 6 different materials was devised to minimize the separation force of a cured layer so that fine features, even those as delicate as a strand of hair, can survive the printing process.

Currently Kudo3D is solidifying relationships with suppliers, locating space to set up assembly, and continuously testing resins to increase their product offerings to backers and future customers. They are planning to begin taking pre-orders for the Titan 1 via their website in the near future.