Hi Everyone,

Hope you are doing well! We have a few exciting updates to share with you.

Castable Resin

After several months of extensive testing, we have finally selected a castable resin! We will be selling 3D Materials’ 3DM-Cast castable resin. 3DM-Cast is designed for high-resolution printing and direct investment casting. This resin has shown us excellent results during both the printing and casting processes. It can support extremely high resolutions between 26 and 37 microns XY resolution. Some of our casters have compared this resin with EnvisionTEC’s castable resins.

With its high curing speed and excellent surface finish, 3DM-Cast provides excellent burnout properties with extremely low thermal expansion. 3DM-Cast safeguards very fine details and produces accurate master patterns for the vacuum lost wax casting process.

Pre-order a 500-grams bottle for $190! Estimated delivery time is the same time as the printers.

L’AZURDE Ring is designed by Mohamed Reyad. Kudo3D Ring is designed by Jesse Kaufman from JDK Designs.

Smaller Build Platforms for Miniatures and Jewelry

We have a new, smaller build platform. This platform is perfect for those who want to print miniatures and jewelry. It lessens the separation force during the first 2 mm of printing, which helps to preserve thinner support structures. The maximum build size for this platform is 7.3 cm x 10.2 cm. We are not accepting additional build platform orders on our website currently and will do so soon.
If you are interested in trading in a larger build platform for this new version please email us at: roberta.helgeson@kudo3d.com with the Subject line: “Trade In Build Platform” and let us know how many you would like to exchange. (Please do so by Sunday 10/26 5pm PST)