Staggeringly High Speeds – A print in less than 20 minutes

Recently, we decided to put our Titan 1s into overdrive. We were stunned by the results! We knew that we were being conservative in our speed estimates, however, the print speeds we achieved were truly amazing: 7 inches per hour!

We printed this chiral two-layer geodesic sphere with a diameter of 2 inches in 17.5 minutes. Watch the sphere materialize in the video below!

(This geodesic sphere is designed by George Hart.)

As you may know, the Titan 1, with its patent-pending technology, is the only versatile high-resolution professional-grade stereolithography printer on the market. It is ideal for a host of different applications. The Titan 1 offers the widest range of high-resolution printing (37 to 100 µm XY resolution) and possesses the tallest build envelope, allowing users to print up to 10 inches tall. Here are some of the applications the Titan 1 serves:

Titan 1 available to order immediately!

We have ramped up production! If you purchase a Titan 1 unit today, it will be shipped to you within 2-3 weeks! Order your Titan 1 today!

We are also offering sample prints to interested clients.

Bunny Bot Sample Print

Spring is almost here! To celebrate, we are offering Bunny Bot sample prints. The Bunny Bots were printed at 37 µm XY resolution and 35 µm layer thickness. The material we used was Spot-A’s Hard & Tough resin.

If you are interested in printing high-resolution miniatures, this is an ideal sample print for you!

Our ring sample prints are still available! The printing material used for this ring is not castable, but the sample print is still an excellent representation of the high quality printing that can be achieved by using the Titan 1. The ring was printed at 37 µm XY resolution and 35 µm layer thickness.

See our amazing resolution first hand by ordering a sample print today! You can place your sample print order NOW!