DM1: Prototyped on the Titan 1!

Erik Moon, one of our Titan 1 Kickstarter backers and owner of Decadent Minimalist, has just released his second Kickstarter campaign, DM1: Titanium and Carbon Fiber Wallet!

The DM1 is truly a minimalist design. With no straps, no clips, no clasps, hinges, or magnets, the DM1 is just one piece of aluminum cut into an ideal shape to hold multiple cards. Now, the DM1 has a 12 card option and is available in Carbon Fiber, Titanium, and Nickel.

Erik captured his first prototype of the DM1 by filming the printing process on the Titan 1. He explains how he transformed his DM1 idea into an actual product.

Watch to see how the Titan 1 can quickly transform an idea into a prototype!

Also, please be sure to support Erik’s Kickstarter campaign!

Many thanks!

-Kudo3D Team